WL//WH Video Of The Day: LASITUD “Feroz”

Video Of The Day  Lasitud  

Mexican dream-pop /shoegaze quintet based in Villahermosa, Lasitud, comprised of Andrés Contreras (Guitar,) Paola Gavilla (Vocals/Synth,) Julio Beli (Vocals/Guitar,) Max Campos (Bass,) and José Gorrochotegui (Drums), return with a heavier and darker sound influenced by black-gaze bands such as Alcest and Lantlos, with a horror-tinged video, directed by Joan Ramírez, for the dark mystical new single “Feroz,” an engaging blend of sound walls, vocal harmonies, reverberations, and raucous guitars.

Noisy surges of enveloping mist arouse twinkling guitar melodies and reverb-laden wistful abrasive distortion, amidst deep throbbing bassline tones and scattered drum beats, releasing simmering unease and distress around a host of intoxicating Spanish speaking tongues, winding angsty breathless male vocals with hopeless female longings and beautiful back up croons, to rise and fall in restless atmospheres of sinister and carnal self-discoveries.

The dramatic video depicts a power struggle where anger, fear, and shame brew a deadly concoction of inflamed fury. A sudden outburst of oppressive force leads to a brooding frenzy within the dark enchanted woods, where spinning treetops create ominous auras over the sun’s majestic rays. Tempers flare into devilish reflections, casting hidden desires along the river’s icy edge. Blood-stained stumbles switch subconscious thoughts into a backward flow of swirling emotions to open up diabolic dimensions, where skewed camera angles bend time and space into a distorted hellish nightmare of flames.

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