WL//WH Video Of The Day : LANDING ‘Secret’

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Long-standing Connecticut ambient/psych/space band Landing are going to celebrate two decades of music with the release of the new album ‘Bells In New Towns’ due out May 4th on El Paraiso Records, the same label of the excellent last ‘Third Site’ in 2016.

Through various labels (BaDaBing!, Geographic North, K Records etc.) and channelling different influences, always preserving their own identity, the group are simply followed their own inspirational path, without watching back, just played the music they feel with honesty, heart and an open minded attitude.

Masters at conveying deep emotions and moods through the subtlest of rich sonic nuances, the band have recently experiment with kraut rhythms and synthetic ambient and cinematic soundscapes, as much cold and soothing as warm and vibrant, keep exploring the dark side of the soul with sudden glimpses of light.

“Secret” is ready to challenge and daze the senses since the early notes, made up of slow-paced droning structures to form mesmerizing effect with sounds ranging from drifting minimalism to dreamy levitations, suddenly interspersed with foreboding reverberations, soon neutralised by the overwhelming flow of the shimmering guitars, smooth pulsing bass, precise drumming and angelic vocals, developing in visionary and enticing sonic tapestries of dreamgaze bliss.

Check out the amazing kaleidoscopic and trippy vividly colourful video.

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