WL//WH Video Of The Day: LADDERMEN “Welcome to the 20s”

Video Of The Day  Laddermen

Triggered by Texan expat, vocalist and multi-instrumentalist Leopold OakesLuzern, Switzerland-based, Indie Post Punkers Laddermen, took shape in 2019 with the addition of local musicians Simon Schurtenberger (Drums), and Sebastian Meyer (Keys, Baritone Guitar, Percussions). The band have just dropped the soul-stirring single “Welcome to the 20s”, the second preview from the upcoming debut album “Special Kind of Violence” to be released over the year on Waterfall of Colours, accompanied by an evocative video created by Matt Freund, featuring Patricia Gracia Pekas.

It was the winter of 2019 and I had just heard on the news that Iranian bombers were flying in hostile territory and it sounded like the brink of war. It didn’t seem so bad because I was in a passion war myself with someone that had also been on the brink of collapse. It felt as if 2020 was going to be heavy. ‘Special kind of violence’ line for me was that feeling of pure narrow-minded lust. We all have a special kind of violence in us.

Harsh, nostalgic strings scrape reverbed friction into the sentimental longings of vigorous, inflamed male vocals underpinned by sinuously rubbery, wistful bass pulses and syncopated clanking drum beats, while distant distorted recordings instil paranoid fear into the intoxicating layers of ringing chords and bleeding guitar riffs, waxing and waning narcotically amid the numb frosty blows of keyboard notes.

Bleak and hostile textures weave a vintage house fire footage with a smoky lounge performance to elicit subconscious fear and latent melancholy. Windblown blazes ignite possessed obsessions from a young family, as charred remains, cyclones of smoke swirls, and destructive tendencies reveal Fate’s twisted hand. Obscure stage performance swept in sexy, brooding dark passions draws a rare hypnotic intensity, while stylish fashion and up-close camera angles capture a retro-futuristic charm from the set to form an emotional and turbulent surreality of gripping depth.

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