WL//WH Video Of The Day: LACING “Swirl”

Video Of The Day   Lacing

Chattanooga, Tennessee heavy shoegazers LACING, comprised of Joe Davenport (Guitar, Vocals), Jerry Reed (Drums), Robert Parker (Guitar), and Joseph J Micolo III (Bass), release a trippy video for the ethereal track “Swirl”, curled by drifts of fuzzy guitar abrasion, and a heap of wistful emotions, taken from the 2019 sophomore album “Without” via independent labels Elder Magick Records and Handstand Records.

Heavy, scattered drum beats along with deep melodic bass weeps underpin shimmering strummed guitar riffs’ slow surge, spawning fuzzy mists of atmospheric haze, swaying narcotically through dreamy, melancholic male vocals rarefied textures of suspended brooding, to build an embracing billow of restrained abrasive distortion before culminating in an organic interlude of clarity.

Introspective lyrics cycle through the emotional stages of a break-up, as blame, numb pain, and faded memories draw hope and healing from a whirlwind outflow of broken-hearted blues.

Abstract shimmering video, by Pedal Partners, layers neon electricity with Mother Nature’s majesty and a haunting musical performance to construct surreal dimensions of mind-expanding bliss. Negative light photography conceals panoramic views with X-ray vision, causing flora and fauna to digitize in disconnected frequencies. An eternal sunset horizon reflects a timeless plane of existence, rolling it backward towards subconscious fields of Moonglow where spectre-like transparencies blur into the magnetic flow of sentient motion.

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