WL//WH Video Of The Day: LA MORGUE “Dystopian (The System Is Broken)”

Video Of The Day  LA MORGUE 

The Bronx, NYC based Death Rock / Dark Wave / Post-Punk band led by Oby Wolf, La Morgue, drops an intense and gritty video for the harrowing adrenaline-fueled single, “Dystopian (The System Is Broken)”, channelling our current dystopic times into an edgy futuristic thriller.

Confessional lyrics describe the disenchanted, startling view of reality that takes hold as one awakens from the disassociative slumber of our modern matrix, to see the world for what it really is: a man-made purgatory where the blind seek sight through a shimmery veil of deceptive desire.

Dark and doomy cinematics swirl and drone in alarming frequencies to compel brazen, cutting distorted guitar riffs, hypnotic skipping rhythms, eerie luminous, chiming synth swathes, and low buzzing bass lines to surround hopeless haunted vocals, rising and falling in aching harmonies, with ominous nihilistic pain, left desperately hiding amid the shredded ruins and daunting whispers of “The System is Broken.”

The dramatic video blends urban decay with blurry interdimensional performance clips to form a gripping vision of shattered post-apocalyptic ruin, bleeding uncertainty, isolation, and fear into a broken system’s decrepit power.

The year is 2089, as a barrage of emergency news stories assaults the mind’s eye of paranoia with alienation and dread. Graffiti-strewn subterranean tunnels enclose a hooded wanderer with danger and darkness, luring him into littered fields of tattered doll sized clothing whilst warped mirror reflections spin into heady, disconnected dimensions where a twilight dance suggests violence and vigilante visions, left wandering in the dystopic shambles of hopeless dreams.

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