WL//WH Video Of The Day: LA MÉCANIQUE “Extravague (ULTRA SUNN Remix)”

Video Of The Day La Mécanique

Montreal, Quebec based Coldwave/Post Punker Francis Nothingwater, AKA La Mécanique returns with a retro video clip cut loud and pounding, with devastating dance floor energy, by the “Extravague Remix” from Brussels‘ dynamic  Coldwave / EBM duo Ultra Sunn, taken from the amazing latest 12-track album, “L’oubli des Origines”, via Cold Transmission Music.

Ultra Sunn infuses disassociative danger, doom, and menace into the ecstatic melancholic anxiety of La Mécanique’s original to build a cold, murky underwater dancefloor under-towed by stark lashing beats and lush undulating bass pulses driving dastardly vibes through a warped, twinkling soundscape of light, brittle metallic clanks, mysterious cinematic synth swathes, and paranoia-inducing ticking dimensions, whilst distorted monochromatic vocals, ghostly moans, and anxious echoes invoke chilly merciless moods from the limbonic lyrical realm, stuck in a self-defeating loop betwixt fear and desire.

Vintage video captures a crowded 80s dance extravaganza to evoke nostalgic feelings of carefree abandon, disfigured joy, and empty dreams. Shape-shifting overlays transform a decadent discotheque into blurry faces, trace remnants, and elongating shadows to construct a disturbing, lysergic flow of motion. Hypnotic strobes, memorable fashion, and the nonstop fanfare from the over-indulgent era bring focus and clarity to modern dystopic blues by altering perception over past demons to reveal a not so blissful past.

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