WL//WH Video Of The Day: LA CASA AL MARE “Still Burn” (Official Video)

Video Of The Day  LA CASA AL MARE

Regarded at the time of the debut EP in 2015 as a sort of spearhead band of the then flourishing Italian Shoegaze panorama, for both personality and songwriting quality, with a unique knack for seamlessly combining noise and ethereality, the Rome-bred three-piece, La Casa al Mare, returns, after a surprising one-off single in 2022, announcing with the fully remastered vinyl disc edition of that celebrated 6-tracker, “This Astro”, plus a welcome bonus of 3 new songs.

The trio, made up of Alessio Pindinelli (guitars, vocals), Marco Poloni (bass, vocals), and Paolo Miceli (drums) have dropped the Official Video, by Paolo Miceli, featuring the single, “Still Burn”, off the forthcoming, September 1, 2023 release via Berlin-based label Dreams Never End Records.

Introspective lyrics explore the subconscious realm of lights and shadows with a lens of traumatic memories to push an adrift soul, struggling to move forward, through the doubt and fear of present-day pain.

An immersive liminal aura elicits sad, dreamy aching vocals to get lost in a haunting hallucinatory daydream where limbed drum beats and murmuring pulsing bass lines underlie dull abrasive echoing guitar scrapes, severe droning swathes, obsessive swarming mists, along with eerie screeching and shivering spaced-out distortions, slightly swaying and fading into piercing and loose granular hallucinatory frequencies.

Strobing black and white reflections by Paolo Miceli sync insightfully with the poetic lovelorn vibes of the soundtrack. Endless cosmic skies, ghostly performance shots, and murky ethereal hazes merge as soul-stirring overlays to revisit heavy feelings of loss at the hands of heartbroken betrayal. Heady outer-space fascinations connect forgotten dimensions of transformative flames and shadows, macabre symbols, and blurry trace reflections into parallel timelines of cathartic perception.

La Casa al Mare‘s forthcoming fully remastered vinyl disc LP edition of ‘This Astro” is due on September 1, 2023, via Dreams Never End Records.

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