WL//WH Video of the Day: KUTA “I Cry At Parties”

Video of the Day Kuta

Kuta is the long-standing solo moniker of singer and musician Sébastien Pietrapiana based out of Nice, in the South of France, with already 4 albums under his belt, which has just celebrated last month 20 years of activity. 

Brand new 3-tracker “I Cry At Parties” EP, featuring the collaboration of Nicolas Fromageau (M83/Team Ghost) has been released accompanied by the video-clip for the song “I Cry At Parties”, an energetic and infectious blend of shoegaze-infused guitars, atmospheric electronic textures and urgent post punk rhythms enriched by alluring Bowie-like vocals.

Soaring, chiming reverb-loaded guitar melodies backed by steady mid tempo drum beats and low throbbing bass lines usher in smooth, rich, and dynamic vocals submerging drone pitched guitar riffs and striking icy synths of alienation to impatiently wait in a murky limbo of dread. Icy eerie synth lines and wistful piercing guitar leads rise in intensity as sparse deep and baritone backing enhance the beautiful flow, range, and soul of his voice culminating in a bleeding triumphant release of deep emotional intensity that strikes balance and harmony.

A struggle with inner demons proves enlightening for a tragic soul who admits “I cry at parties”. An attempt to run away from the irritating creatures known only to himself begets a stop to mix some cocktails, and a  discussion about dancing or lack there of as it may be. Suffering from an  illness in his blood leads to a self inventory of the pain, fear, and apprehension  overcome to deal with said tragedy. A difficult trek, through a terrifying maze of secret, enduring hardships lent a hand in the emergence of a positive mental attitude and grim respect now owned, “It’s in my heart and shares my soul…I’m happy sad.”

Directed by Stéphane Lionardo and Thomas Martinez, the Official Video begins with a disco ball, balloons on the ceiling, and a festive mood, perhaps New Years Eve or a birthday party. It becomes clear that the well dressed man in the middle of the dance floor has a stoic expressions, and doesn’t fit in with the crowd. Colored lights reflect off the ball shooting magnificent rays in every direction as time lapsed photography slows down the party atmosphere emphasizing his distressed body and feelings. Shadows mask the dancers making dark silhouetted caricatures representative of the demons who chase  him. A thinning audience surrounds the isolated man as crystal blue eyes turn their gaze down into a shimmering darkness.

A deeply touching song and portrayal of an unseen illness, the intense isolation experienced ,and how it can be manged, albeit painfully, with grace and composure.

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