WL//WH Video Of The Day: KOSMETIKA “Pictures Are Gone” (Official Video)

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Following last-year’s celebrated DIY home-recorded sophomore LP “Illustration”, the Melbourne-based unit Kosmetika, active since their early fuzzy rock stirrings in 2018, approached their third album through a more studio-focused collaborative full band effort with all five members inputting vocals, and song ideas to create 10 nuanced new tracks channelling an old-new combination of 80’s Synth-laced New Wave memories, and Krautrock impulses, with unexplored high-octane pop suggestions.

The five-piece, made up of  Veeka Nazarova (synth, vocals), Mikey Ellis (guitar, bass, vocals), Jake Suriano (synth, guitar, vocals), Dom Moore (bass, guitar, vocals), and James Lynch (drums, guitar, vocals), have teased an Official Video directed, filmed & edited by James Morris, for the first single Pictures Are Gone.

The track settles into a psych-tinged shoegaze slow burner, featuring Eno-like melodic bass lines and washed-out distorted guitars. It features Veeka Nazarova, the sole vocalist of ‘Illustration’, and maintains her usual new-wave-tinged pop, also found in the hit albums ‘Automobile’ and ‘Halp’.

“Pictures Are Gone” is a surge of groovy effect-laden surreality, in a hypnotic and radiating synth-soaked slow soar of buzzing, and mist-strewing shrilling guitar whirls, snaky warm bass pulses, hop-skipping drum beats, and wistful chiming spirals, to immerse aloof drowsy vocals and trippy distorted echoes, disconnected without a cell phone, in deep intoxicating layers of disorientating moods.

Cinematic visuals, shot on location at the Russian House in Fitzroy by James Morris, star Charlotte GG and George Odell as a pair of curious adventurers who enter a secret strobing event, where a darkly modern Alice in Wonderland experience takes hold. The DIY concept blends a dissociative performance by Kosmetika with symbolic attire, skewed camera angles and lots of depth defying lights and shadows to sync with the liminal vibe of the soundtrack.

Kosmetika‘s third studio album, “Luxury”, is scheduled for release, ltd. Vinyl 12″ & Digital, on July 12, 2024 via Spoilsport Records.

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