WL//WH Video Of The Day: KOALRA “Undertow”

Video Of The Day  KOALRA

Koalra is a longtime Portland-based Art-Rock band originally from Chicago, who brings us an Official Video, comprised of sections from Vikram Neeham’s 2022 cinematic short film “Lockdown”, to sync with “Undertow”, the third single of their anticipated seventh album, “Disasterclass”, due out on January 2, 2024 via Gigantic Noise Records.

The group experimented, since 2019, with a visceral shapeshifting guitar-laden sound, equally sparkling and abrasive, as well as introspective and dynamic, with a seamless knack for incorporating a fine balance of ringing and fuzzy Noise/Indie Rock textures, echoing Shoegaze reverberations, mesmeric Krautrock reiterations, and turbulent Post-punk moodiness, heightened by emotional-ridden Morrissey-like vocal sensitivity.

“Undertow” represents those nagging negative thoughts that draw you down to the bottom while trying, all but hesitantly, to leave broken plans behind, in order to change and move forward.

Noisier, angstier, and more disorienting than the first two proposals, the new single erupts in a charging momentum of relentless buzzing choppy guitar riffage, meandering poignant pulsing bass lines, along with pressing drumming, drenched in heaps of swarming distortions to immerse dramatic aching vocals, layered with sheets of glassy haunted echoes, in the fear-inducing pull of the “Undertow.” 

The Official Video syncs footage provided by Vikram Neeham from the short film “Lockdown” with the struggle for hope nuance of the soundtrack. With the sun just rising above a dark hooded figure walking through the old streets of the Norwegian capital Oslo, the cold, stark, and ghostly memories of the pandemic era come rushing chillingly back. Shifting flows of swirling anxiety and slow dystopic aerial views push and pull with conflicting frequencies around still erect historical markers, street art lined corridors, and eclectic architectures to give the wanderer illusions of life, but no real human contact, except for the lone police horseman, scouring the horizon for innocent rule breakers

Koalra‘s upcoming seventh album, “Disasterclass”, is slated for release, in 12″ Vinyl LP and Digital formats, on January 2, 2024 via Chicago‘s label Gigantic Noise Records.

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