WL//WH Video Of The Day: KILKIL “Gimme ze Light”

Video Of The Day  Kilkil

East of Madagascar, bathed by the Indian Ocean, lies the overseas French department of La Réunion Island where Free Synth Punk(ers) Pascale (bass/lead vocals), Charlou (synths/sax/vocals) and Johny (drums) AKA KILKIL create, since 2012, a wildly unique and imaginative cacophony of swirling unbridled sonic dynamics to drop a soul-stirring music video for the noisy, gripping new track, “Gimme ze Light”, one of the two previews, along with Self phone”, from the upcoming album, “Clermont-Ferrand”, due out on October 23rd via Maudit Tangue Label rock péi et Rockerill Records

Warbling, asymmetrical synth strains swerve swaying sinister algorithms along ominous and spastic backbeats to pound disorienting rhythms into a mesmeric tapestry of warped and twisted emotions whilst cold, haunted baritone and high quivering vocal repetitions combust into rapid cycling of racing thoughts swept in bombastic swarms of buzzing bass tones lit on fire by organic, searing, and whimsical saxophone blow to propel alienating and intoxicating electronic frequencies into the emotive incantations of “Do you fear the dark?”.

Cover art by @conradbotess

DIY drama casts hypnotic spotlight’s counter-clockwise rotations over an eerie dark basement gathering to evoke menacing thought forms from the mind’s eye of imagination. A disjointed stream of consciousness merges feisty neon live performance footage (at La Reunion’s @Teat Plein Air recorded by G. Mallet & L.G. Hubert), with a hideous tribal mask and organized religious iconography to form a discomforting nightmare drenched in surreal dread. Narcotic transition scenes, depth defying shadows, and shape-shifting overlays draw nefarious nocturnal wanderings through a time-lapsed tunnel of strobe effects to transfer subconscious fear and desire into a visual manifestation of unseen supernatural energy.

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