WL//WH Video of the Day : KEEPERS AT NOON “I Want to be Your Robot”

Video of the Day  Keepers At Noon

Italian elusive psychedelic / jangle guitar pop five-piece from Apulia/Bari, have just released a 3-track 7inch vinyl EP with stunning guitar melodies and distinctive vocals, steeped with dark, whimsical themes of despair and isolation.

Lead track “I Want to be Your Robot” is a refined, vibrant, immersive slice of beautifully crafted psych-tinged guitar pop with reminiscent of early Robyn Hitchcock’s oblique pop artistry.

Light acoustic strums combine with adroit reverb-infused soaring crystalline guitar melodies, backed by hypnotic kick drum beats with tambourine and space-filling keyboards over dramatic, somber mid tembre vocals of fear, anxiety, and distress creating a melancholic series of harmonics keeping unique tone color of the instruments.

A confusing relationship explored through the subservient role of a man comparing himself to a robot. Pining away for love, waiting for the next command, and stuck inside his head leads to a consumption of obsessive “thoughts” about pleasing the other stripping him of individuality creating an existence with no choice or responsibility.

The companion video combines old black and white Japanese movies of robots in various states of functionality with animated graphics of mechanical servitude, and futuristic cosmic clips. Emphasizing robotic humanity with feelings of warmth, heroics, and romanticism until the shocking final scene reveals the underside.

A synthetic delusion of love with meticulous vocal intonation and precise instrumentation allow for a full symphonic experience.

A timeless guitar pop gem.

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Created by Adriana Favia