WL//WH Video Of The Day: KĀVE “Nago”

Video Of The Day KĀVE

Poland’s darkly dynamic Cold Wave /Post-Punk /New Romantic band KĀVE, comprised of Sabina Poterucha, Cyprian Kowalik, Dawid Kowalik, and Matthias Tschaplinsky, have dropped a gripping monochromatic video by Marcin Lubera for their new single “Nago” a song that lyrically dwells in a free realm where actions are driven by mindfulness rather than impulse, while sound-wise adds an energetic dash of edgy metallic riffage to its swirling and tumultuous electronic foundation.

Attention-grabbing alarms induce hypnotic nostalgia under intoxicating sways of distorted bass rumblings, broken, stumbling crispy beats, abrasive guitar strains and beautiful, evocative organic vocals, pulling an emotional, atmospheric intensity through heavy dizzying surges and serene sparkling interludes of breathless mercurial moods.

A stylish video by Marcin Lubera enhances the dangerous vibes of the soundtrack using a post-industrial backdrop of urban decay, whilst a windy sky-high building platform and a dramatic, edgy performance rouse sulking demons from the subconscious lair of isolation and despair. A graffiti-strewn rooftop maligns the mind’s eye of modern dystopic visions with gritty gratification whilst black-clad bandmates, bondage bra accessories, and fetish-driven transition scenes drive nocturnal aesthetics into dire, cultish attitudes of escapism, and desire.

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photo by @marcin_lubera