WL//WH Video Of The Day: KATZENGOLD “Casio Song”

Video Of The Day   KATZENGOLD

Malmö, Sweden based Goth /Post-Punk /New Wave band Katzengold, fronted by Seattle-bred Chris Durso (Guitar, Vocals, Keys) alongside Martin Rydin (Bass, Synths), and Oskar Rydlinger (Drums), return, after more than three years hiatus, by announcing their second album, “New Public Management”, due out November 25, 2022 via Rundgång Rekords, teased by a powerful, socially significant video, shot and edited by Oskar Rydlinger, for the immersive new track “Casio Song.” 

Casio Song” evokes the chilly spine-shivering tones of Joy Division/The Sounds and the nostalgic lovelorn moods of Echo and the Bunnymen by fusing heavy buzzing bass throbs with off-beat clashing rhythms, and warped icy-bright ceremonial synth swirls to inject toxic disconnected frequencies over lost, shattered haunted vocal angst, dropping ominous fears and warnings into a breathless obsession of impending doom.

A thought-provoking psychological video by Oskar Rydlinger, starring Chris Durso (the Vocalist) and Martin Rydin (the Injectionist), sheds light on modern dystopic manipulation to elicit feelings of doubt and regret. Surreal flows of introspective motion capture nature’s vast untarnished beauty whilst an intimate, heartfelt performance delivers a powerful social message about shifting perceptions. Soul-stirring transformation scenes bring an emerging worldview into the collective consciousness using penetrating eye contact, somber reflections, and blinding sunrays to shatter deceptive suggestions with a newfound, informed vision.

KATZENGOLD‘s second album, “New Public Management”, is slated for release, in Cassette & Digital formats, on November 25, 2022, via Rundgång Rekords.

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