WL//WH Video Of The Day: KANA KANA “Her Gün Bir Doz | One Dose Every Day”

Video Of The Day KANA KANA

Dramatic black and white video clip adapted from the experimental short “La Città dei Morti” by Italian director Pierluigi De Ruberts captures the chilling depth, essence, and mystery of the Cimitero Monumentale di Milano, whilst creating a synchronous backdrop for the dire nuances of Turkish Goth Dark Pop musician and producer Övünç Dan AKA Kana Kana‘s new single Her Gun Bir Doz | One Dose Every Day taken from the upcoming debut album, “ Ölüler Hariç | Except for the Dead” due out on January 21, 2022, via Tamar Records.

Slow, obsessive, and immersive atmospherics warp intensely pulsing organ-like keyboard stabs, menacing stringed spirals, and driving heart-tapping beats to carry the emotional, haunted, and desperate vocals through an organic entanglement of painful burning guitar riffs and sparkling strains, cloaked in the high-strung agony and ecstasy of shivering celestial hums, to invoke a nihilistic darkness from the shallow shame and unenlightened longing of a soulless existence.

“Ölüler Hariç” LP cover

Lights, shadows and time-lapse imagery set the stage for two star-crossed lovers whose lost and angsty wanderings through a cemetery lead to a slew of missed opportunities at the hands of a twisted Fate. Magnificent camera work captures the dynamic intricacies and textures of statues and architectures under an intoxicating array of rain and sunlight as the keen plot development and endless churrascarias take the viewer to a quiet alternate dimension of obscure shapes and emotions to light a soul-stirring curiosity from the mind’s eye of interpretation.

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