WL//WH Video Of The Day: KAMA MUTA “δε ζητάνε κανέναν / They Don’t Ask Anymore”

Video Of The Day KAMA MUTA

Pulling their name from the Sanskrit, the sacred language of Hinduism, the Minimal / Dark Wave / Greek Poetry duo from Thessaloniki, Kama Muta (काममूत ‘moved by love’), definitely rouse our emotions with the symbolic video by optiko.poihsh for the band’s thought-provoking new single, δε ζ​ητ​ά​ν​ε κ​α​ν​έ​ν​α​ν / They Don’t Ask Anymore”.

Dark, existential Greek Poetry triggers urgent punchy tinny drum beats, heavy trembling bass lines, and pulsing and flashing dramatic synth glows, atop a haunting vocal layering of anxious frightened cries, harsh menacing whispers, and cold spoken words, to build suspense and dread, dazzled by relentless icy bright outflows of alarming doom.

Heady, symbolic illustrations of Mother Earth, by optiko.poihsh, strobe the mind with thought-provoking insights to sync seamlessly with the dire essence of the soundtrack. A hypnotic rousing black-and-white abstraction shrinks decades of time into a 2:48 clip where a moment of still joy, eclipsed by the full moon, gives way to an onslaught of destructive forces, inverting perception, 180 degrees upside down, into a dizzying negative contrast of striking opposite suggestions.

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