WL//WH Video of the Day: KALTE NACHT “Nychta Skia”

Video of the Day  KALTE NACHT

Split between Athens and London, the Dark // Minimal // Synth Wave duo Kalte Nacht , founded in 2017 by Nikos K. (machines) and Myrto Stylou (vocals), is going to release their debut full-length LP via Geheimnis Records in the early days of March.

“In the heart of the winter, between Athens and London, among cold nights and warm hearts, 8 unique stories of inner sins and emotions, of life and nothingness.”

The first preview,“Nychta Skia” [Night Shadow], is just been revealed in the form of the official video Video, ‘a taste of night visions, a story of inner shelters’, through the camera of Nikos Chantzis and produced by Press Eject and Give me the Tape.

Quick spastic metallic backbeats snap rhythm into low throbbing bassline, vibrating atmospheric danger and allure as deep dramatic female vocals howl and scream against a haunting backdrop of dark sinister synth chords pierced by urgent notes of treacherous alarm.
Ritualistic lyrics share modern spell to cure hex of sorrow lies in a secret commune of darkness.

Nikos Chatzis‘ bold dramatic video glossed in deep hues of grey, black, and white flash graphic urban imagery into warped, demented shadows distorting size and dimension as time-lapse photography shoots jittery pain and rapid head movements into a rhythmic dancing edge. Psychedelic colour clouds erupt around terrified screams burning into acid yellow overlays depicting a dangerous cityscape in flux under the supernatural wicked claw.

album cover art

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