WL//WH Video of the Day: KALTE NACHT “Ghost Dance”

Video of the Day  KALTE NACHT

Kalte Nacht is an elusive Dark Synth Wave duo created and based in Athens, Greece in 2017 by Nikos K. (machines) and Myrto S. (vocals) with a poignant and creative approach to the cold analogue minimal synth sound on the heels of fellow Regressverbot or internationally Angel Kauff’ Stockhaussen or Lebanon Hanover, just to get an idea.

“Ghost Dance” is the band’s fourth song/video, no Bandcamp or other platforms.

Urgent tight monotonous beats and deeply brooding spine-tingling basslines conjure dark sacrifice with eerie ominous synths and twinkling effervescent effects supporting the remarkably deep, rich, and haunted female laments and howls breathing pain, power, and love into a lost lonely soul.

A heartfelt goodbye gives much-needed comfort, advice, and sorrow to an extremely close yet difficult relationship. Pain and courage swell in the throat of the soon to be departed as she speaks of the present moment, “This is just a torment, this is not the end.” A beautifully poetic and emotional exchange gives one the strength, love, and clarity to become something greater.

A dramatically expressive video of a woman on the verge of a breakdown combines startling black and white imagery with shadows, lighting, and makeup to deliver an electric performance not soon forgotten. Alluring, red “Blade Runner”-like makeup adorns the face of a beautiful woman as she screams, laughs, and cries at the images set against the backdrop of a fast moving sea and railroad track speeding behind her. An immersive combination of joy and melancholia balanced beautifully weaving lively beats into bleeding and soulful lyrics and vocals of strength and courage.

Kalte Nacht will be part of a live analogue night, with fellow band Incirrina, at AthensDeath Disco next Saturday, June 8th. Don’t miss out!

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