WL//WH Video Of The Day: JUNG & I “Spring”

Video Of The Day   JUNG & I

From the bottom of Brittany‘s Monts d’Arrée, French multi-instrumentalist Soaz, with the help of his partner JM from Egoprisme, under his Jung & I nome de plume, recorded four blissful music compositions that span the Four Seasons, teetering between Electronica, Dream Pop, and Ambient Pop, whilst evoking glimmers of Sigur Ros, Múm or even Radiohead.

The “Matter” EP, to be released on cassette via fellow independent label Music From The Masses, by contrast with the incoming wintry weather, offers an early balmy vision of “Spring” through smooth and relaxed sounds, sliding rhythms, whispered angelic vocalizations, all spread out on spellbinding, swelling and warm deep electronic pads.

Spring” begets a beautiful alchemy of light popping breathes, serene glowing wraps, gentle rolling bass lines, stirring orchestral expansions, and fragile aching vocals, flowing like water into twinkling icy bright melodies, sad yet whimsical fluting blows, and shivering, dawning swarms to uplift the mantra, waiting for a sign from the Universe, into the brilliant first shine of a sunrise.

Interpretive visuals capture a small, round handheld mirror to reflect the inner world of an awakening consciousness to sync seamlessly with the Jungian theme of the soundtrack. Sepia-tinged grey hues cover symbolic imagery, turning an angelic statue upside down to show the opposing shadow self. After a dark confrontation, an intimate, transformative walk through the cleansing waters of rebirth opens a new “Spring” season where blurry, windblown nature scenes planted with tender yet strong fluttering blossoms bloom under the warm healing rays of sunlight.

Soaz will perform as soloist at SOIRÉE CITROUILLE : MATT ELLIOTT // JUNG & I during the l’Invisible Festival on Passerelle Centre d’art contemporain on November 16th at 8.30pm. Ticket office here:  https://my.weezevent.com/matt-elliott-jung-and-i

JUNG & I‘s first EP “Matter” is due out, on Cassette & Digital, on November 16, 2023, via the Brest-based label Music From the Masses.

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