WL//WH Video of the Day : JRIMURMUR “Averak”

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In a year in which we have musically traveled around the world, we were short of Armenia…

In 2015 Yerevan based synth-pop duo Holly Armenakyan and Glacial Finch began making music as Jrimurmur. A consistent release of singles and videos ranging from darkwave to coldwave and dream pop, with an open-minded, haunting experimental approach, keep this pair interesting and fresh as you never know what to expect.

They have just released a video for “Averak” a cover version of Elvina Markayam original piece. Elvina, also from Yerevan, was a world renowned musician and writer whose memory is kept alive through this tribute.

Eerie chilling synths, ominous buzzing bass and energetic back beats create an environment of impending doom as sweet, detached, angelic vocals echoed by distant cries draw you into a gloomy and mesmerizing world of pain, suffering, and retribution.

A song about despair, love, and vengeance. An angry, helpless ,and scorned woman admonishes her betrayer with insults and ill wishes. “You went away, you took my heart and left a fire on the ground.” Now she is poor, hopeless, and her life lays in ruin.

The accompanied video, operated by Alik Safaryan and directed by Mary Movsesyan, uses contrast, spinning/split screen photography, and red smoke to create a chilling, unsettled, chaotic environment where two seemingly happy girls embark on a night of mischievous pranks and shenanigans that lead to a shocking ending.

A beautiful unique take on the original that will leave you frozen to the core.

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