WL//WH Video Of The Day: JOHN d’ ARC “Again”

Video Of The Day JOHN d’ ARC

Warsaw, Poland based bassist, guitarist, music producer and former Decadent Fun Club member, Jan Łukomski, drops a stirring video, directed by Weronika Szyma, for the immersive, off-kilter electronic/alternative pop third single, “Again”, under his revived solo project moniker John d’ Arc.

Again” is permeated by chilled angry lyrics that begrudge a neglected relationship as impatience, remorse, and isolation sink in.

A tantalizing disentanglement of tension ignites warped, brazen, and flirtatious synth waves into gripping cries to seduce stumbling beats and soft menacing bass line swagger with the deep, breathless sass and teasing repetition of powerful and evocative vocals, whilst sparse, sparkling, crystalline guitar strings infiltrate the cold tempestuous textures with warm, bright distractions and intoxicating gleam.

Dramatic black and white visual moods, starring Klaudia Bochniak and Filip Dziuba, capture the personal moments of an introspective duo whose insecurities stir nervously below a fragile surface. Intense yet romantic lighting, sultry shadows, and strategic camera angles paint bittersweet emotions and dangerous games into suggestive overlay dissections, blurry transitions, and hypnotic strobing effects to awaken playful mysteries and uncertain doubts from the sleepy mind’s eye of distracted dread.

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photo by Aleksandra Burska