WL//WH Video Of The Day: JOGGER “Schimmeln & Sumpfen”

Video of the Day JOGGER

Familiar name around here, Jogger is the alter ego of Berlin-based Indie /Post-punk musician and producer Florian Nikolai, who returns, nostalgically riding aboard an iconic Trabant car, with a thought-provoking video by Bela Moritz for the soul-stirring song “Schimmeln & Sumpfen / Mold & Swamp” off last May’s debut album ‘BRD NOIR“, via Vienna based DIY label Cut Surface.

Dull, morose devastated moods transform sad stomping drum beats, wistful shiny guitar chords, and subliminal bass lines into a slow unsettled river of melancholy and pain under evocative torn vocal emotions, drifting powerless into somber shivering icy-bright synth flows, left overcome by the unexpected vibrating outburst of excruciating six-string distortions.


‘Schimmeln & Sumfen’ forms the swan song of Jogger’s debut album ‘BRD Noir’ and caresses the chic of boredom. Between cooling towers and brown coal mines, the music video by Bela Moritz invites you to take a short break in industrial romance.

The immersive video captures a modern romance set against the bittersweet backdrop of early post-wall Germany to sync seamlessly with the hazy disconnected vibes of the soundtrack. Surreal flows of motion shift between whimsical daydreams, toxic inconveniences, and a moody twilight performance to manifest the disenchantment and dissatisfaction of the dystopic lyrical domain.

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