WL//WH Video Of The Day: JOGGER “Mein Schweigen mein Protest / My Silence My Protest”

Video of the Day JOGGER

WL//WH is pleased to welcome again Jogger, the Berlin-based New Wave / Post Punk project of musician and composer  Florian Nikolai, with a video by Bela Moritz for “Mein Schweigen mein Protest / My Silence My Protest”, the second single from the sophomore album STRONG, scheduled for release in Autumn 2024 via Vienna based DIY label Cut Surface.

 “STRONG” is not a hymn for self-optimization, but is dedicated to self-pity, which contains an illuminating glow-up as a deep form of self-love.

 The heady and vibrant guitar-laden “Mein Schweigen mein Protest” bounces on the peppy pace of an elastic bassline, steady drum beats and tight crispy claps, pierced by jagged, ringing, rambling 6-string riffs and ominous swelling abrasion, achingly surrounding softly anxious vocals with cathartically immersive auras of rising and falling distorted tension.

Symbolic visuals by Bela Moritz show Jogger in his signature baseball cap performing with Kisse & Schere in the park under a sunny sky. Creative editing uses visual distortions, picture and picture skewed angles, and fuzzy animated walking ‘photos’ to sync with the colorful upbeat vibes, woven with slight gloom, of the soundtrack.

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