WL//WH Video Of The Day: JOGGER “BRD Noir”

Video of the Day JOGGER

We had already met Jogger the alter ego of the Berlin-based bedroom pop musician and producer Florian Nikolai with his heady mix of wistful Neue Deutsche Welle quirkiness and angular Post-punk urgency.

On the verge of releasing his long-awaited 11-track debut album, “BRD Noir”, via Vienna DIY label Cut Surface at the end of the week, Jogger has dropped the last teaser and title track, “BRD Noir”, followed by the symbolic music video by Bela Moritz, which takes us into his nostalgic and utopic microcosm, where, as in the early period of post-wall Berlin, freedom and tolerance were palpable and everything seemed simpler and possible without any restrictions.

‘BRD Noir’ is the name of a fictional pub and opens a place where we are all welcome, where togetherness is determined by diversity and free thought. On the other hand, the name is reminiscent of a dusty, conservative West Germany, of dark Germany, terms like Ossi and Wessi, a failed reunification policy and right-wing violence. But in Jogger’s fictional pub there is NO room for racists, outdated thought patterns and intolerance! On the contrary, ‘BRD Noir’ creates a space for diversity and change, at the same time, warns that the past must not be forgotten & that freedom should not be taken for granted.

The nostalgic and uplifting “BRD Noir” ignites a snaking pulsing bassline and peppy rhythms to fuel groovy ringing guitar riffs, wandering with obsessive jagged intensity around mercurial vocal angst through a bright whining aural tapestry of swirling echoes, murky distortions, and urgent, restless moods to pull difficult connections from festering anxiety of social dread.

German lyrics recall a bar scene where people come together from different belief systems to learn, grow, and heal from past trauma and current ailments of society.

Whimsical black and white video accompaniment, by Bela Moritz, fuses groovy split-screen suggestions with universal symbols and an engaging urban location to join duelling moods and secret thought-forms into an enjoyable harmony of balanced insight. Intimate, energetic performances by Jogger set against feuding backdrops of day and night mix clear and distorted visions with organic and synthetic overlays to open subconscious doorways whilst allowing lyrical themes to awaken the mind’s eye of closed obsessions with beneficial lessons from the past.

Jogger‘s new single is out now on all the best digital platforms, whilst his debut album, “BRD Noir”, is scheduled to be released on May 20, 2022 [ Vinyl 12″ LP + Digital ] via Wien label CUT SURFACE.

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photo by @soso.forme