WL//WH Video Of The Day: JOAO “Sin Querer”

Video Of The Day JOAO

Dark Wave / Post-Punk outfit Joao, founded and led by AmericanPeruvian composer, producer, lyricist and multi-instrumentalist Mauricio Málaga Fuenzalida, who picked up his new bandmates Rodrigo Carcelén (guitar), and Luis Miguel Peña (bass), on top of the city for a dizzying live video for the dark romantic new single, “Sin Querer”, the second taste of the forthcoming work-in-progress second album.

The obsessive lyrics brood in a desperate loss of longing and misery while anxiously searching for a sign of hope.

Both gloomy and melancholic, “Sin Querer” is driven by hypnotic slashing rhythms and quick throbbing rubbery bass lines, compulsively pierced by wistful twinkling guitar whines, to carry lost haunted vocals, heartfeltly calling out from a helpless headspace of angst and pain, into a tragic ceremony punctuated by cold robotic clapping echoes and meandering lonesome icy synth strains, left scarred by a doom-laden  destiny.

The disassociative urban video captures a rooftop performance set against a muted neon cloud-stained horizon to invoke the somber heartbroken moods of the soundtrack. Hazy trace overlays of burnt vintage memories construct a surreal contemplation whilst crowded murky heat-driven highways block cathartic flows of motion using shapeshifting shadows of doubt to manifest distorted views of alienation and dread.

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