WL//WH Video Of The Day: JIMMY KNOWS “Moonlight”

Video Of The Day Jimmy Knows

Athens based, Greek 4-piece Indie Rock band Jimmy Knows celebrate the release of their long-awaited debut 5-track EP “I’ve Been Writing Lovesongs”, with a provocative music video, directed by Mariella Panagiotou, for the soul-stirring tune “Moonlight”.

Ceaselessly fueled by an intense vibrant foundation of sinuously hearty, pinpoint bassline and steady, punchy beats, haunting and poignant piercing guitar strings whine, glisten and vibrate in sync with emotion-filled soulful male vocals, expelling painful residue from past shattered dreams.

The lyrics reflect on the metaphor of “Dancing in the Moonlight” to depict a tumultuous relationship and struggle with past demons that lie beneath the tepid waters of the soul, causing current disturbances with harmony and balance.

Nefeli Theodotou choreographs and performs a highly emotional dance interpretation set against a rudimentary black and white backdrop to evoke latent fears and desires through art therapy techniques. A beautiful free movement sequence dives into the psychological realms of repressed memories, using universal symbols and facial expressions to allow the viewer to tap into the imagery and release subconscious feelings in a cathartic transference of torment and triumph.

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