WL//WH Video Of The Day: JE’TAIME “Tales of Despair”

Video Of The Day JE T’AIME

To celebrate the one-year anniversary of the release of the second part of the double album “Passive/Aggressive”, via ManicDepression Records and Icy Cold Records, the Parisian Coldwave trio, made up of dBoy (vocals, synths), Crazy Z. (bass, synths), and Tall Bastard (guitars), drop a video clip deftly edited, colored and directed by Quentin Caffier for the highly intoxicating slice of rousing Post-punk “Tales of Despair”.

Confessional lyrics admit to fighting the truth about a loved one whose dark spells of deception and manipulation have finally been shed, on the way to brighter horizons, whilst urgent, warm layers of burning guitar weaves, rapid skipping drum beats, droning bass lines and restless synth melodies, sway moodily around high angsty vocals, crying out in pain, into relentless flows of obsessive passion.

To make the video clip for the song “Tales of Despair”, I wanted to tell the story of a couple who meet, fall in love, fall apart and break up, using electro dance as a language. Far from serving merely as a backdrop, the screen becomes an opportunity and puts an abyss between the characters and our voyeuristic gaze. They interact with it, emerge from it, or reflect in it. As the song progresses, the couple go through a series of powerful moments, from passionate embraces to intense, violent quarrels.says the director Quentin Caffier

Modern, virtual reality-esque visuals capture an interpretive dance choreography performed by Clara Duflot and Romain Franco to sync seamlessly with the dire Romanticism of the soundtrack.

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