WL//WH Video Of The Day: JE’TAIME “Give Me More Kohl”

Video Of The Day JE T’AIME

Parisian Cold-Punkers Je’Taime, are back, adding a compelling, urgent whirlwind rush of throbbing and bouncing dance-inducing rhythms and eddying trippy synths to their The Cure-tinged emotional-ridden Post-punk formula, with the hot track, “Give Me More Kohl”, complemented with a remix by the talented artist ZUS on the flip, second single taken from the upcoming February 14, 2022 release of their double album “PASSIVE/AGGRESSIVE” via Manic Depression Records and Icy Cold Records, accompanied by a vintage club clip from 1983, premiered recently on Yami Spechie‘s YouTube channel.

“Give Me More Kohl” deals with obsessive thoughts from lost memories to form an aggrieved union of pleasure and pain under the overindulgent lights of hidden shame.

Hopeless longing and angsty melancholy inflame heart-racing steam-powered dance beats and choppy oscillating bass tones through an intoxicating synth maze of warm rising swathes, anxious strained melodies, and sparkling icy bright swirls, as the helpless yearning of male vocals release tireless, trembling emotions and breathless cries amid a retro female voice recording, to evoke the nostalgic desire and epic fantasy from the glamorous ’80s.

The immersive and engaging video filmed by Alan Maskell & Dave Booth at DeVilles in Manchester, 1983 takes a trip back to the sensational spectacle of the 80s nightlife scene where big, stiff hairstyles, evocative and caustic wardrobes, and bold expressive confidence drench a crowded dancefloor with airs of individual freedom and all-inclusive expression. Daring, energetic attitudes, stoic, yet friendly faces, and dizzying disco ball reflections blur with ecstatic black and white performance overlays to merge recollections of rich, culture clad existence with modern imprisoned dystopia into a transfixing stream of sexy, vibrant, and extravagant consciousness under the swirling majestic aura of yesterday’s unshakeable dreams.

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Photo by Karolina Kratochwil