WL//WH Video Of The Day: JE’TAIME “Another Day In Hell”

Video Of The Day JE T’AIME

After the highly praised S/T debut album and the recent celebrative one-year-off-the-stage LP “Live at Gibus”, Paris-based colwavers, JE T’AIME, return less urgent and incendiary than before, yet more reflective and enveloping, albeit no less emotional and intriguing, with the soul-stirring single “Another Day in Hell”, first tasty preview from the upcoming sophomore full-length, due out next Autumn via Manic Depression Records and Icy Cold Records, accompanied by a high energy self-released music video.

A moody mix of airy winding wistful synth washes, ominous dry throbbing bass lines, wiry meandering guitar melodies, and skipping drum beats fuse into a seething slow burn around distressed, haunted male vocals releasing impassioned cries of pain and frustration into the numb, disconnected despair of madness.

The dystopic lyrics describe a night of wandering aimlessly in a desperate attempt to escape, “Another Day in Hell.”

Dramatic DIY video shoots three distinct fragments of each member of the band dressed in black, armed with instruments, walking through the abandoned city streets of the French capital with a powerful purpose. Foggy skies cloak “Lockdown” urban streets lit by shining orbs to cast multidimensional planes of insight through an emotional performance of incomprehensible alienation. Caustic body language and contorted faces elicit a feeling of hidden danger and anxiety, while zoom lens, skewed angles and 360-degree camera rotations, create a disorienting intensity across the eerily calm disruption of modern time.

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