WL//WH Video Of The Day: JERSEYBIRD “My God, My Son” (Official Video)


Formed in 2023, Jerseybird is an Emo/Indie Rock trio with Shoegaze leanings and possible Post-Rock urges, from the Nashville, TN area, made up of Tyler, Braydon, and Connor, drawing from the vibrant soft/loud joyridings of bands such as Sunny Day Real Estate, Mineral, American Football, Texas is the Reason, Modern Baseball, Bright Eyes, Death Cab for Cutie, etc.

The threesome has dropped at the start of March their debut single, “My God, My Son”, produced and engineered by Nashville veteran Mike Purcell (Superdrag/Lees of Memory), now paired with a DIY Official Video.

A bittersweet song about letting go and taking control and responsibility of one’s own life, “My God, My Son” is a turbulent, grungy eruption of distorted, at times jagged, pain-fueled guitar riffs, sparkling reflective arpeggios, underpinned by humming bass lines, and ceaselessly hard stumbling drum beats, that bounce in intense emotional resonances around strained aching vocals, longing amid angry shouting echoes and hard to hear glowing melodies of hope.

Soul-stirring visuals blend abstract symbolic imagery with intimate DIY video snapshots of Jerseybird to sync with the inspiration of the soundtrack. Vast thought-provoking landscapes intersperse with vintage Sci-Fi movie clips, and a dizzying flow of vibrant moods to lift the viewer into bright horizons.

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