WL//WH Video Of The Day: JELLYSKIN “Half Pedal”

Video Of The Day JELLYSKIN

A magical concoction of ambient overtones, rhythmic world dance beats, and experimental murmurings ignite atmospheres of sound!……….Following the success of their last single ‘Mountain’, Leeds, UK duo jellyskin have just released an “official music video” for their infectious new tune “Half Pedal”.

Zia (synth, vocals), and Will (guitar, drums, vocals) have been fine tuning their musical collaboration since April of 2016. Not afraid to mix things up Will takes over the synth lead and beats acoustic drums while Zia mesmerizes with memorable vocals of misunderstood frustrations.

“Half Pedal” is composed of urgent, hypnotic electric percussive patterns, ritualistic acoustic drum beats, energetic dazzling synth chords and buzzing static drone sounds. Intense, worried, and anxious vocals set against the backdrop of ticking time arouse feelings of shame, guilt, and hesitation instilled by an unrelenting anonymous tyrant from which no one can escape.  Impulsive loops and effects, a rhythmic flow, and repetitive lyrics make for an upbeat dance number catering to all moods, occasions and emotions.

The DIY visuals use light and shadows, acting, and professional editing to delight and overload the senses. Pulsing strobe lights bounce in tandem with pounding bass beats casting shadows of doubt upon open negative space. Dark, rich, hues of red, blue, and purple seen in candles, images and  smoke shift, obscure, and fade into magical transitions. Time lapsed photography skews perception and sets the foundation for allusions of light, color, and imagination in this light, happy fantasy becomes reality.

Original footage found of candid moments share a glimpse “behind the scenes” into the labor intensive art of a music video! A tribute thanking  all who helped make the video…….Applause
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