WL//WH Video Of The Day: IST IST “Repercussions”

Video Of The Day   IST IST

A long time has passed since we featured a video from the debut EP of Ist Ist, at the time a three-piece, and if in the meantime this blog has improved at least in its graphics, the early Factory Records-inspired Post-punk sound of the Mancunian quartet has seamlessly evolved adding organically rich, intricate and diverse nuances to achieve a clear distinctiveness.

Deeply embedded in the D.I.Y. ethos, the four-piece approach the release of the band’s fourth studio album “Light A Bigger Fire” scheduled for release on September 20, 2024 via their very own Kind Violence Record Label, with a video clip by Shaolin Pete for the third single “Repercussions”.

It gives you a bit of everything from the album really. There are the big synth lines, guitar breaks, drums doing big fills and the vocal hooks are probably quite catchy.

Love, mind games, and pain arouse a heady vibrant swell of steady hypnotic drum beats, warped, flashing frantic synth stabs with thick chugging bass lines, and angsty, obsessively ringing guitar riffs, to sway in temperamental turbulence around ominous baritone broods and high icy echoes, staying silent about the truth for fear of “Repercussions.”

Shaolin Pete directs and edits whilst Luca films a deeply emotional and intimate performance by Ist Ist, where geometric frames, introspective trace overlays, and strategic hot and cold lighting sync with the toxic relationship nuance of the soundtrack.

Visit the official IST IST website to purchase tickets from the forthcoming UK & European tours and pre-order the “Light a Bigger Fire” LP, slated for release on September 20.

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