WL//WH Video Of The Day: ISOTROPÍA “კვალი (kvali | trace)” (Official Video)

Video Of The Day      ISOTROPÍA

Just days after officially announcing the start of Keren Batok’s new collaborative project Leshi, together with Turkish electronic producer Tolga Baklacioglu, the Georgian lyricist and vocalist waves a goodbye of sorts to Isotropia, the classic 80s-tinged Dark Post-Punk duo with Mexican musician Angel Kauff (a.k.a. Stockhaussen), through an Official Video, starring and directed by Tais, for the first Georgian language farewell song “კვალი-kvali-trace”, meaning we choose to believe we left a trace in your mind’s ear and your precious hearts.

Dark Industrial-soaked auras create an icy/seething sea of regret and anger, to fuel relentless EBM-flecked warbling bass line menace woven with steady, sinisterly rattling and pounding rhythm patters, stabbed by poignant rippling synths, slowly soaring with increasing yet restrained tension around wicked, bitter vocals and sad lost crushed cries, plotting the next move in a tit-for-tat game of revenge and pain.

Dangerous blood-red skies set a dark supernatural backdrop for an interpretive dance sequence by TAIS to align seamlessly with the bewitching vibes of the soundtrack. Disjointed flows of motion, symbolic poses, and blurry trace overlays bend space and time with dark mystical suggestions to extract fear and dread from a subconscious well of haunted memories.

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