WL//WH Video Of The Day : IORIGUN “Wild Dive”

Video Of The Day

The last video from the Brazilian band Iorigun was out almost one month ago, but it’s too good to be left behind (thanks Konstantinos for the hint).

Fresh from celebrating their first birthday, the 4-piece based out of Bahia, comprised of Yuri Moulds (lead vocals / guitar), Moysés Martins (bass / vocals), Fred Lima (guitar) and Leonel Oliveira (drums), self-released their debut 4-track EP “Empty​.​Houses​/​/​Filled​.​Cities” towards the end of last year, relaunched this summer by the independent label Midsummer Madness, which will also deal with the forthcoming second EP.

In the first preview, “Wild Dive”, the band profoundly explore the complexities of a relationship through a melodic and atmospheric sound that blurs the lines beetween post-punk and dream pop with hints of psychedelia.
Built around a pulsing bass and persistent hypnotic reverbed guitar line over precise drums. Wistful and soaring tinkling guitars strums set a wonderfully dazed and dreamy atmosphere tinged with lingering unease and distress, emphasize by penetrating and pleading vocals, that intriguingly weave in and out with the contrapuntal voice, aching with isolation, sorrow and contemplation for the breakup of a relationship and ultimately the need to move on.
A simply beautiful song that’s both as compelling as it is intoxicating.

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