WL//WH Video Of The Day: IOANA IORGU Unleashes a “Lonely” Affliction

WL//WH Video Of The Day  IOANA IORGU

Groningen, Netherlands-based independent music producer, self-taught guitarist and drummer Ioana Iorgu is back with a thrilling, tense, and disturbing, yet ultimately cathartic slice of visceral Post-punk, or better Noise-Rock this time, with the new, fully DIY, single/video “Lonely.” 

Be sure to check out Iona‘s regular live performances around Europe with drummer Ollie Becker for a high-energy blistering experience.

The emotionally tumultuous song injects uninhibited spirals of moody energy through pounding drum beats, heavy pulsing bass lines and obsessive dissonant aching guitar melodies, to encapsulate restless distressed vocals, dissociative whispers, and raw visceral screams with noisy distortions and swarming crashing frequencies.

photo by @veerledevos20

Intimate and evocative, the video stars Ioana herself delivering a disturbing confession under a shapeshifting strobe light to sync with the toxic relationship theme of the soundtrack. An array of symbolic light tones and tempos shift in tandem with the drastic emotional changes of a traumatized soul to bring forth an enhanced perception to ‘see’ transformation take place.

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photo by @veerledevos20