WL//WH Video Of The Day: INTI “Plastic Lives”

Video Of The Day INTI

Manchester, UK born multi-instrumentalist Michael Woodward, AKA INTI, deftly blends his homegrown Mancunian sound with intoxicating flashes of ’80s New Wave and Post-punk in the soul-stirring sign-o-the-times new single, “Plastic Life”, accompanied by an iconic video by young teenager Finn Lyon along with his father Simon.

Pro human propaganda spreads organic frequencies over a noxious lifestyle of “Plastic Life (rs)” whose mass consumerist paradise of poisonous landfills has reached a tipping point of broken dreams.

Passionate moods ignite twinkling, asymmetric synth drone to alert the senses with icy bright sparkles, whilst low pulsing and throbbing bass lines merge with mid-tempo shuffled beats, and sharp, aching guitar strings and metallic riffs to carve adrenaline-fueled obsessions around the emotionally restless male vocals releasing breathless anxieties over modern dystopic pollution into tumultuous flows of ecstatic urgency.

Live-action computer generated virtual Lego video, created by the 13-year-old Finn Lyon and his father Simon Lyonn, constructs a symbolic mirror reality where an environmental crisis brings a motley crew of global citizens together to clean up Mother Earth. Split-screen editing techniques combine a hypnotic time-lapsed conveyor belt sequence of toxic waste imagery with a team of Lego civil workers and an animated music performance, to emit an energized force-field of positive life-changing sonic waves over an international wasteland of humankind’s apocalyptic destruction.

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