WL//WH Video of the Day: INCIRRINA “A Little Girl Lost”

Video of the Day  Incirrina

Part of a crop of talented young Greek bands experimenting with the 80s influenced dark analogue synth sound and fresh from an acclaimed and ‘glorious’, as a thrilled Mike told me, live performance together with fellow act Kalte Nacht, at Death Disco, Athens based Dark/Minimal Wave duo Incirrina, comprised of George K. (synthesizers, samples, drum machine, vocals) and Irini T. (synthesizers, vocals), took the first steps in September of 2017, followed a year later by their debut album “8.15”.  A unique blend of analogue electronic instrumentation, distinct vocal quality, and band chemistry bring powerful live performances yielding alluring and immersive shadowy atmospheric settings infused with sheer emotional intensity rich in psychological struggle.

Their most recent endeavour was inspired by William Blake and consists of moody soundtracks set to a selection of his poetry. New video release for “A Little Girl Lost”, a piece of this collection, brings forth the daunting societal injustices imposed upon women over the years and the lifelong impact of shame and guilt they must endure. The masterful video renders a girl free from societal restraints as she explores, struggles, and grows into a strong and confident woman.

Deep, dense, dramatic buzzing bassline trembles with perky and tiny synth melodies floating sweetly over slow, light, and drab beats echoing lost innocence as sad, mourning, and disappointed baritone vocals cast deep pain, suffering, and guilt upon the new dawn of love forever stained by shame.

A song regarding the struggle of repression young women have endured over the years expressed using the riveting words of William Blake in his poem “A Little Girl Lost.” Ominous words foretell forbidden love painfully harboured at the hands of righteous indignation turning healthy curiosity and growth into a dirty secret shamefully carried through life.

A collaboration of creative minds initially composed years ago by poet William Blake, brought to the forefront by Irini T. and George K.‘s powerful musical interpretation and directed by Gwgw Galanopoulou who, inspired by the minimal style of the song, ushered performer-dancer Maria Lakka on board and the rest is history. A blurred black and white of a lone girl dancing free, able to explore her surroundings unsolicited, portrays her unique unaltered character as she falls, crawls, and climbs through heartache and pain emerging as a strong and confident woman ready to take on the world. She is in no hurry, she takes her time.

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Live at Death Disco – photo by @P.Dedepsidis