WL//WH Video Of The Day: IN MITRA MEDUSA INRI “Broken Dreams”

Video Of The Day In Mitra Medusa Inri  

In Mitra Medusa Inri (IMMI) combines the stone turning power of Medusa with the common unification theme of Mitra and the spirituality of INRI, to suggest the band are close friends who freeze onlookers with soul-stirring songs and poetry.

The longstanding German Gothic Dark Wave band, started in 1992 and led by founding member Holger, has lifted the video for the single “Broken Dreams”, the second foretaste off the forthcoming LP ‘Second Life’, the first full studio album since 2007’s “Kalte Farben”, via Roaring Disc Records.

A ghostly grey moonlit realm of “Broken Dreams” pours out on steady hypnotic drum beats, humming bass lines, slight shivering glowing strings, and wistful ringing guitars to radiate in restrained vibrancy around forlorn scruffy vocals, wandering in complete despair over a lost love amid aching distant echoes and spectral whispers.

Immersive and abstract, black and white visuals sync fascinating sequences by pond 5 with the evocative poetry of the soundtrack. A symbolic well filled with hypnotic Rorschach ink blots slowly shifts with blood-red stained ivory petals under the thoughtful precision of Sophia Saggau (wieglas production) to manifest subconscious thought forms. Finally, a backward flow of motion reveals an emergence of colour to leave the viewer with slivers of hope.

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