WL//WH Video Of The Day: IN A DARKENED ROOM “Doom and Gloom”

Video Of The Day In a Darkened Room

2020 begins the journey for San Antonio, Texas-based Post-Punk trio ‘In a Darkened Room‘ whose members Cj Duron (Vocals/Guitars), Svia Svenlava (Bass guitar), and Kandi Keys (Synths), release an engaging video for the haunting new sophomore single ‘Doom and Gloom.’

‘Doom and Gloom’ weaves ominous moods into poignant throbbing bassline menace and low rumbling drum beats, while emotional penetrating guitar melodies capture the desperation of the nicotine-stained male vocals shrouded in a low drone echo, amid fluttering crushed keyboard chord’s overburdened flight.

Poetic lyrics recall surreal thoughts through the use of metaphor, symbolism, and glimpses of time to form a collage of images emblematic of life.

A beautifully layered performance plays out “In a Darkened Room” with deep jewel tone lights, varied spiritual references, and introspective angles that fuse person to instruments in a hypnotic flow of dark memories.

An iron cauldron warms the cold walls of dark staging, where stained glass hues cast daunting illumination over an open bible shading a mardi gras mask smiling fiendishly atop a candlelit ouija board.  Overlays blend alternate dimensions of swirling treetops, barred windows, and tranquil drum pools into the shadows of smoke rings blurring time and constitution into a mesmerizing tapestry of passive resistance.

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