WL//WH Video Of The Day: ILLNURSE & DJ VARSOVIE “All Day”

Video Of The Day  Illnurse & DJ Varsovie

Drawing his name from his nursing job at the hospital, Parisian EBM/Industrial Techno DJ/producer Fred Terror, a.k.a. Illnurse made himself known with his raw and incendiary hardware live set as part of the, now defunct, non-conformist Parisian collective Container since 2015, where he varied between industrial and EBM sonic territories.

After countless remixes (the last one for Randolph & Mortimer “Exclude/Divide”), and tracks featured in several compilations, Fred has joined, besides the Raw Booking Agency, also the ranks of fellow up-and-coming tape/vinyl label Intervision founded by DJ Varsovie, Paulie Jan & BLNDR, with which has just realized, on Digital and ltd. Vinyl 12″, his debut 4-track EP “ALL DAY”, preceded by the Video Clip, directed by Felix Bergeret for the title-track, that sees the collaboration of Felix Bergeret a.k.a. DJ Varsovie, following the Illnurse remix of Codeword: Macumbar” from 2018 EP “In Love In Macumbar”.

“All Day” blends DJ Varsovie‘s haunting vocals with the magnetic urgency of IllNurse‘s wicked bassline, and the Ceremonial Rave theme found in the video.

Beads of sweat drip from pulsing beats releasing a bipolar charge of unsettled magnetism into the cool dark air, as it cascades across the dance floor, billowing white fog.
Thin dimensional backbeats expand and bounce in a continuous flow of rhythm while signature baritone laments suffer in longing despair. Anticipation slowly rises as the faint pulse of throbbing bassline echo gets louder instigating an invisible countdown before a life-sustaining surge of electronic bliss roars through the physical system, resuscitate rapid rat ta tat drum beats split sound allowing heightened awareness to evolve into unrelenting dance.

Video footage by Felix Bergeret follows a winding dirt path through the brush as it opens into a secluded outdoor clearing made for an extreme motorcycle competition from whence a figure wearing leathers lies motionless in the tall grass. The sun slowly rises above the skyline, like a ritual, the beats begin to flow through the blinding shards of sunlight angled downward. Futuristic flight suits and pleather trench coats adorn the dancers who have begun a mystic journey momentarily filtered black and white using negative photography to give the illusion of death. Varsovie obsessively puts forth, “All Day I think of You” in a sinister robotic monochrome while IllNurse precognizant orchestrates cyber rhythms; when the silhouette of a man and motorbike appear against the backdrop. Dark, mechanical, and vigorous techno moves interchange with dramatic moments from the competition in homage to the fallen rider.

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