WL//WH Video Of The Day: IAMNOONE “Kind Of Pain”

Video Of The Day  IAMNOONE  

Italian Cold Wave / Occult Wave duo Philippe Marlat and Stephan Seth AKA Iamnoone open the new year with their third 8-track studio album “Together Alone” via German independent label Cold Transmission Music, accompanied by a psychological DIY video for the opening angsty song “Kind of Pain.”

“Kind of Pain” reflects on the lingering emotional and societal effects of the pandemic lockdowns with an intimate confession of confusion, shame, and regret.

The painful process of learning again how to interact with each other, the rediscovered joy of sharing important personal and musical moments, the realization that we can never really go back to how things were, because we changed, in the meantime…

The Parma based pair mold esoteric and haunted dim realms drawn from 80s European Cold Wave and Post-punk into a modern, sleek and thought-provoking atmospheric Dark Wave sound imbued with pensive melancholy and decadent pathos.

Dark, angsty alienation constructs enveloping spatial domains of relentless uncanny synth melodies and bouncy wistful strings of tinkling keys, underscored by warm chugging bassline ripples and steady hypnotic beats, whilst dire breathless vocal emotions rise and fall with the restless momentums of heartache and pain.

Evocative DIY visuals capture the difficult yet courageous process of shadow work using dramatic mirror reflections. Inner conversations eviscerate hidden demons with truth and light, giving strength to others while growth, compassion and understanding take hold.

Iannone’s new album “Together Alone” is out now, on ltd. CD edition & Digital, via Cold Transmission Music.

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Photo by Regina Zverkova