WL//WH Video Of The Day: HVMVN “Negative Priming”

Video Of The Day HVMVN

Hailing from the State of Mexico, HVMVN is the DIY one-man-project of musician Mauricio A., who delivers an ’80s-tinged melancholic and somber melodic sound that toes the fine line between post-punk and dream-pop.
“Negative Priming”, the first cut from the upcoming new mini-LP “Fear the future”, unleashes deep ominous bassline that throbs underneath striking crystalline guitar melodies piercing reverb-drenched bleed, as monochromatic soft-spoken male vocals brood lonely fear and alienation under soaring sinister synth expansions and vibrant steady drumbeats, building in urgent surging atmospherics consumed in impending doom.
Foreboding lyrics suggest introspection as a way to detoxify yourself of animosity and petty matters for time is running out, your thoughts are not your own and memories are the only things that are real. Outward defiance is not an option against the system, “Don’t try to take the blindfold off, or your death could look like a suicide.”

Minimal black & white graphics, animated by GIU, pack a powerful punch as drones in suits mainline into a subluminal sleep while an unknown game controller hypnotically pumps slogans, false happiness, and companionship into their virtual brains. Wake UP!

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photo by @saxfives