WL//WH Video Of The Day: HUMAN STEEL “Poverty”

 Video Of The Day  Human Steel

Formed in Głubczyce, Southern Poland by the main composer and lead singer Wojciech Gierowski (aka Lindey Lindstorm) and the drummer Marcin Wanat in 2007, Human Steel is the old-school EBM / Industrial act with three full studio albums under its belt, the debut LP, “Crankshaft Crash” in 2011, followed by the sophomore “year01” in 2017 and the latest, “Invaders”, in May 2019.

After four years hiatus Wojciech Gierowski, now relocated to Germany, revives Human Steel, as a solo project with the release of the new single, “Poverty”, recorded somewhere in a factory around Northern Bavaria with the purpose to delve deeply into the roots of EBM/Industrial sound, build around driving metallic percussion, to which he added synthesizers and vocals for creating something relentlessly powerful and intense.

The song “Poverty”, as the title suggests, talks about poverty spreading all over the world, about living in the shreds of reality created by the media, politicians, religions, oligarchs and corporations that take over more and more of us. A technology that forces us to hurry, that makes us more and more dependent on looking at the screen and scrolling through information, using it at every possible moment. We are all constantly chasing after nothing. A tragic picture of the world – a tragic picture of the human race. 

The track begins with the authentic field recordings of man-machine-made industrial clanks, then eerie, oppressive authoritarian voice clips from the past haunt the average man with paranoia-inducing propaganda, perpetuated by a strong torrent of rapid, relentless crackling mechanical beats, rising ceremonial synth glows, and magnetic rumbling bass vibrations around a husky, strained vocal anguish, tearing through the heavy power with sovereign visceral strength.

Compelling DIY visuals burn computer-generated symbols for hypnotic suggestions over kaleidoscopic footage of industry-fueled energy, whilst bold lyrics reveal the esoteric manipulation of the masses, known as engineered consent, into slavery at the hands of fear, exploitation, and desire. The disturbing imagery manifests the filthy, suffocating powers of the elite that drain and extinguish human resources, degrade the common good, and create eternal bondage and death, for the benefit of but a few.

A thoughtful, cohesive piece rooted in passion, care, and commitment. Definitely worth a look and listen, as we look forward to more from Human Steel.

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