WL//WH Video Of The Day: HOUSE OF LIGHT “Strangeway to You”

Video Of The Day  HOUSE OF LIGHT  

 “After pain, tears & broken guitar strings”, the nomadic cinematic Shoegaze trio House Of Light, with roots in L.A., Berlin, and Melbourne, fronted by the Australian songwriter Justin de Vries, have finally released their sophomore album, “21st Century Prayer”, via fellow independent label Dark Escapes Music, readily followed up by a Jungian video for “Strangeway to You”, the third song off the LP.

House Of Light has concocted over the years a nuanced 80s/90s-inspired guitar/synth-centric sonic spectrum imbued in a modern ethereal ambiance, to explore an immersive and mercurial chiaroscuro of dreamy, emotive and introspective realms, with throbbing and vibrant moods, in an immersive mesmerizing vortex of shimmering Shoegaze reverberations, spaced-out Psychedelic sensibilities, and shadowy Post-punk rhythmic tension, with heartfelt and romantic visceral passion.

The immersive and uplifting “Strangeway to You” delves deep into intoxicating early 4-AD dreamlike incantations, heading towards heavenly mesmeric horizons, teetering through an incessant hypnotic roll of crisp tapping percussions along with warm somber bassline pulses, whilst serene orchestral synth swathes, swirling buzzing swarms, and distant icy distorted melodies arouse beautifully fragile and fearful angelic cries, with a gentle, cocooning cradle of hope and love.

Timeless, animated visuals stir the soul with Carl Jung’s archetypal imagery, layering a foggy enchanted forest with spiritual symbols and magical hues to sync seamlessly with the otherworldly vibes of the soundtrack. Rolling mists, skeletal trees, and a lone querent prepare for a sacred download where an insightful vision blooms at the bestowal of ancestral wisdom.

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