WL//WH Video Of The Day: HOUSE OF LIGHT “Still Life”

Video Of The Day  HOUSE OF LIGHT  

Described as born in Berlin and raised in L.A. though the main writer moved from Melbourne, shapeshifting Post Punkers Justin de Vries (voice/guitar), Mark Kinchin (bass), and Chris Hughes (drums) AKA House Of Light illuminate their daydream domains of new romantic imagination, frozen in time but with a modern twist, in a mesmeric music video for their dark and melancholic New Wavish epic lament, “Still Life”, an early foreshadowing of the band’s upcoming album “Come Into My Night”.

Lyrical themes run deceptively deep, pitching the clash of longing to return to a state of natural & human innocence in the face of the forbidden fruit of technology’s onslaught using archetypal Jungian imagery

Still Life” juxtaposes the disconnected headspace between real and virtual experiences using archetypal imagery and universal symbols to paint an intense subconscious exploration of the soul-stirring dichotomy of physical desires and mental obsessions in relation to man, relationships, and technology.

A heady distillation of shadowy poignant melodies and shimmering intense emotions drive steady stuttered rhythms and low throbbing bass lines into a hypnotic undercurrent of persistent tragedy pierced by sparkling 6-string ripples and wistful keyboard notes to lift dual vocals of evocative howls, high-pitched tweaks, and breathless vibrant harmonies into a transcendent sonic realm of wailing guitars, eerie, squealing reverb, and nervous, haunting distortion to encapsulate the inner turmoil of a parallel destiny.

Fluid psychedelic overlays warp space between an intimate performance and a blurry translucent nostalgia to create an intoxicating psychological reflection of symbols and insight. Vintage clips overlain in a burnt amber glaze of melting seconds ignites blinding truth and abstract darkness into a heady sway of strobing neon hues and depth-defying moods to open multi-dimensional perspectives from the hidden shadows of lysergic sight. Keen editing combines spinning reel effects with decaying, aged flecks to slow mental frequencies into a timeless state of immersion, thus allowing the mind’s eye to transcend formal boundaries.

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