WL//WH Video Of The Day: HORRIBLE “Living In An Age Of Hopelessness”

Video Of The Day  HORRIBLE

Melbourne based eternally depressed goth post-punker Steven Schnorrer (Locust Revival/Pleasure Symbols etc.), formed a new band with a couple of fellow tortured souls, L. Murr and D. Rūmmā, apparently grabbing their name, HORRIBLE, from an old LR’s song from 2019, debuting with a dense decaying and doomy slice of deadly ‘death pop’ chillness called “Living In An Age Of Hopelessness” via Future Babe Records, paired with a symbolic VHS-style music video.

An ominous and sludgy momentum of a treacherous grumbling bass line, slow thumping beats, and strident, reverb-strewn glaring guitar riffs builds a hellish dominion of isolation, pain, and claustrophobia around the heartfelt tormented vocalizations, brooding and falling desperately into the dark, churning sax-like driven tides of apocalyptic doom.

Insightful lyrics reveal the trauma experienced when one escapes from the brainwashing of propaganda and indoctrination to find the old world views have vanished into a delusional construction of reality.

Subconscious, interpretive visuals travel through time to capture the endless expansion of quantic shadows residing in a graveyard at twilight. Trace elements merge remnants of the past, present, and future into a collision of consciousness, disintegrating fragments of hope with a destructive flow of missing memories. A specter-like walk through the ruins leaves lost souls weeping in a fog of yesterday’s tears where wicked gargoyles grin and darkness ties sinister binds around the empty hands of angels, covering the names of underground dwellers with the tarnish of age and shattered vestiges of love.

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