WL//WH Video of the Day: HOLY SHIP “Night Aquatic”

Video of the Day Holy Ship

Holy Ship, the solo project of Stockholm‘s based Jonatan Westh, former member of shoegaze band Blackstrap, with the contribution of his teen pal David Götestam on drums, channels all the influences experienced throughout his career, spanning from lysergic neo-psychedelia, to clanging industrial rhythms, from indie-dance shambling beats to soaring acid-rock, into a modern, cohesive and refined, dark and mesmerizing signature sound.

The official video for “Night Aquatic” in sync with Holy Ship‘s debut EP “Event Horizon”, via Declared Good, has just been released.

“Night Aquatic” is an intense, trippy, and groovy shadowy dance burner, with subtle hints of Stone Roses.

A droning symphony of sounds each bearing a different mass, velocity, and projectile point rise in volume creating a swell of propulsive energy that erupts into a strong gallop of intense shuffling percussive beats tangled with vibrant, searing and twangy guitar melodies, and deep rolling bassline, shadowed by spacious sharp synth riffs, and permeated with high, floating, dreamy vocals doused in distorted, overindulgent narcotic bliss, pondering an existential dilemma.

The perfectly paired, unsettling yet enthralling video, directed, filmed, and edited by Greg Vegas, features his dogs Mauricio and Verlaine showing off their nightly rough-housing play before bed.

An imaginative creepy black and white depict two dogs dissected, blurred, and fused into ghastly atrocities of nature set against the backdrop of a primal dominance ritual, glitched into disturbing dementia of mind-deceiving documented, using standard cell phone technology, perceived psychological manipulation, creatively enhanced imagery.

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