WL//WH Video Of The Day : HOLOD ‘We Are Eternal’

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I really do like the music of the Saint-Petersburg-based electronic dj/producer Evgeny Kholod, aka HOLOD, two of his last tracks in row was in my weekly playlists, I just waiting for a video, I got readily my wish.

Since his promising self-titled debut album in 2016, he’s constantly evolving and improving and he has never failed to deliver excellent stuff.

‘We are Eternal’ leads us into an obscure and mysterious labyrinth of enigmatic and bleak soundscapes, with flashes of unparalleled evocative refinement, a fascinating world, growing in intensity, to get lost in dark techno sounds, accompanied by sombre vocals and deep groovy synth basslines. Extraordinarily cold, unsettling, alluring, sensual, it gives shivers of pleasure and it’s totally addictive, just dance! 

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