WL//WH Video Of The Day: HOC ERITIS “Into the Light”

Video Of The Day HOC ERITIS

Started in 2022, the enigmatic Dark Electronic act Hoc Eritis, made up of producer DemarcatioN and guest vocalist Alice E, have shared a video by Zachary Denman for the band’s ethereal and catchy Synth Wave new single, their 5th and second of the year, “Into the Light.”

A heady retro-futuristic soundscape of chugging bass loops, crashing marching beats, vibrant melancholic synth sweeps, restless icy bright flutters, and sad obsessive keyed melodies pull high angst yet achingly dreamy vocals, from bittersweet heartache ‘Into the Light.’

Accompanied visuals by the London-based filmmaker Zachary Denman sync his discriminating eye for social change with the disenchantment of the soundtrack. A black clad soul walks the city streets alone under an Apocalyptic neon-tinted sky. The scene would be hauntingly beautiful if not for the homeless population and violent crime deterrents set against notable artefacts of past glory.

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