WL//WH Video Of The Day: HIGH/LOW “Worm Hole”

WL//WH Video Of The Day   HIGH/LOW   

Southend-on-Sea, England based lo-fi Alternative Rock band High/Low, made up of Steve Weston (Guitar/Vocals/Drums) and Lee Yates (Bass), after releasing 36 tracks during the 2020 lockdown, return with one of their unmistakable 90s-tinged groovy, fuzzed-out guitar-driven sonic jam sets in a lysergic mind-expanding visual journey down a “Worm Hole.”

The new single is laced with surreal lyrics that come down from a psychic high to discover a reality that is stranger than fiction.

Tumultuous swaying grungy moods lead by the melancholy and gloom of obsessive guitar tinkerings, surge into intense disorienting conglomerations of abrasive distorted riffs, hard-hitting drum beats and chugging bass lines, to cast heavily distorted waves of chaos around helpless, angsty vocal energies spiralling down a “Worm Hole” of warped and sinister perception.

Magical old fashion illustrations form an apocalyptic stream of consciousness wept in fear, alchemy, and mysticism. Large faceless hands lift a shimmering veil of esoteric knowledge to reveal a lost world cast in universal symbols of power and secrecy, where retro-futuristic scientific experimentations use ominous, murky visions to deceive and misdirect. Charismatic figures of past infamy orchestrate spells from beyond the grave to initiate a controlled demolition into a new age of magic and science left falling from a fiery destruction of burning skies.

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